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The rigorous quality checks in our manufacturing process ensuring the adherence to the highest quality standards so that each of our products gives you same level of comfort and durability that you expect from us. We believe in the craftsmanship of our experienced staff that has given as the repute of quality manufacturer and wholesaler of outdoor and garden furniture. We assure you of the unmatched product quality and durability for years of rugged use. We have made every product with due care, and if you follow some of the given below maintenance steps then you can prolong the experience of our product use for many years to come.

PE rattan:

The supreme selection of raw material and  its processing give us strongest PE rattan to use in our products for garden furniture, patio furniture and other miscellaneous furniture articles. The hand-woven rattan by our experienced employees gives an unmatched finesse to each and every article, which makes it last for years under the sunshine and soggy weather. The products come with two years of warranty for use. We recommend it not to place the rattan furniture near fireplace. The rattan got natural ability to get flexible when given high temperature, the exposure to severe heat as of fireplace or bon fire will make the fiber lose its shape and the tensile strength required for the perfect shape and posture of the furniture.

Aluminum Frame:

The aluminum frame is highly durable alloy made up of aluminum, magnesium and silicon. It can bear the harsh treatment as outdoor furniture. The frame requires only a damp cloth to clean the pollutant from its surface. Don’t use any severe detergent or bleaching liquid to clean the frame as it is dangerous for the chrome on the frame. The repeated exposure to the moisture in the shape of frost can also cause structural damage to the frame.


We use high quality outdoor fabric for cushioning of our furniture. The fabric can withstand harsh sun rays without losing its color for years with a high strength so that you have not to worry even if kids are in vicinity to the furniture. The fabric can be easily washed with mild detergents to regain its life. All these features make the fabric perfect to be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture.