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The one of the key ingredient behind the durability of our furniture is the use of finest quality material for the frame used. This provides a long lasting effect to the furniture items we make. We use special alloy of aluminum mixed with magnesium and silicon. The alloy is named AL6063 which holds its name for the durability and strength. The alloy is best for furniture manufacturing industry as it has great strength to bear the weight of the material as well as the user sitting on it. We stock large quantity of AL6063 in our warehouse for use throughout the year in our various furniture articles.




The alloy is easy to weld, polish and process with the wicker. Moreover the alloy holds best anti-corrosion property to give your outdoor furniture durability it requires. The frame can bear all the rugged conditions it has to face being fitted in garden furniture. The material can be easily molded to support the complex and curvy structures of the furniture.