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Factory Tour

Our Info:

Let us take you to the trip of our factory. The facility, Relax Industrial Co., Ltd. and the attached warehouse are located in the ancient city of Nanxun,near the biggest city of Shanghai in the Eastern China.The facility is built on area in the natural atmosphere.We get a very experienced engineering team who involed in outdoor furniture for at least one dacade.Our main products are wicker furniture and cast-aluminium furniture.The attached warehouse get the standard equipments to meet the different order requests from our customers.

Our workshop:

The workshop is equipped with most modern and cutting edge technology equipments. PE Rattan furniture industry is considered as more of manual industry with greater proportion of man handwork and machinery. This is right to some extent, as man effort is required to produce PE rattan woven furniture. But there are some steps in the manufacturing that require mechanical work, like making aluminum frames and welding.  The use of aluminum frames has replaced bamboo and wood frames to give more durability, light weight and sturdier finish to the product.

Our workers:

The facility holds hundreds of employees dedicatedly working to bring sense of style to every single product. Our employees work like a big happy family in the facility with good compensations. No one can deny the importance of skilled workers in outdoor rattan furniture industry; this is why we give a tremendous importance to our valued staff. The well experienced staff is the greatest asset for our company and we know it is their efforts which are making us grow many folds. They make the finest materials to be a complete furniture to fulfill the demands of our customers. The companionship of these magical hands is what makes our products go to the every corner of the world.

Be our guests:

We welcome all our customers to pay us a visit at our factory to get a true feeling of our work ethics adherence, the quality craftsmanship at work and the rigorous quality testing in process. Please contact us before your visit to the facility for a more personalized and guided visit.