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PE rattan


Rattan is a collective name of around 600 species of palm trees. The rattan plants have the unique ability to grow in very long lengths with uniform diameter of the cylinder. The rattan plants are found in abundance in the tropical areas of the worlds and are known as one of the fastest growing species of tropical flora. Rattan provides one of the strongest woods in the world which is resistant to harsh weather and offers agility on heat. It makes the rattan material most preferred for the use of outdoor wicker furniture making.

PE Rattan:

Rattan comes with a natural strength and agility which is a hallmark of rattan vine. But the durability and finesse outdoor and indoor furniture requires cannot be provided with the natural material itself. This is why the natural raw rattan is treated with polyethylene-based fiber to give synthetic wicker. This treated rattan is called PE rattan or wicker. The products made from PE rattan give even more strength and durability due to their UV and water resistant nature. The treated PE rattan blends well with upholstered material compared to natural rattan to compliment the interior decoration and color scheme of your room.

Synthetic fiber furniture gives a blend of comfort, casual elegance and sophistication. Above all the PE wicker offers superb endurance which is the most desired feature for outdoor furniture. This feature makes the use of wicker as most sought after item for making outdoor furniture that can bear the harsh sunlight of patio and damp grass of the garden.

The Increasing Trend of Outdoor Rattan Furniture:

The evidence for the use of rattan in furniture making has been found in the excavation of Egyptian civilizations. The use of PE rattan in furniture making for outdoor furniture sets like garden rattan furniture and patio furniture has been increased over few years. The outdoor PE rattan furniture is now a symbol of elegance that shows the true sense of style of the user. This is the reason PE rattan furniture is making deep penetration in the modern furniture and city furniture market.

You will see PE rattan furniture where ever you go outside. Esteemed spas and elite country clubs across the country are being filled with various articles made from PE rattan. The use of bistro sets for dining arrangements of five star hotels is also common now days, while the sun lounge and day beds are common as pool side sitting arrangements.

What makes PE Rattan Furniture so Desired:

Let us see why some of the most esteemed and sought after places are choosing PE rattan furniture for their use:

  • PE Rattan furniture complements the elegant gathering of these esteemed places with the sophisticated and classic touch it gives to those high profile environments.
  • PE Rattan furniture is lightweight to move, so the commercial places prefer it for the ease of mobility it offers compared to the hardwood furniture. PE Rattan furniture can be moved from one place to another to accommodate the changing sitting arrangements of the country clubs and restaurants.
  • The PE rattan furniture provides utmost comfort to the user as the furniture can be molded to adjust the body curves of human. This flexible nature is the reason you will find almost all the spas using PE rattan sun lounge.
  • The PE rattan material demands lower maintenance costs for years of usage. The color and polish of the PE rattan stays intact for years of rugged outdoor use. All it needs is a damp cloth clean its surface for the dust.
  • Above all, PE Rattan is an affordable option for the nominal cost it bears against all the above benefits compared to hardwood furniture.